Carolina Core FC Announces Brand Identity and Logo

Carolina Core FC Announces Brand Identity and Logo

September 15, 2023

Carolina Core FC announced its brand identity and logo Thursday night  (September 14th) at Gypsy Road Brewing in Kernersville with over 600 people in attendance.

Carolina Core FC Brand Reveal
Carolina Core FC logo reveal party Thursday night at Gypsy Road Brewing. Photo courtesy of Carolina Core FC


Carolina Core FC is an independent soccer team that will participate in MLS NEXT Pro in 2024. Launched in 2022 by Major League Soccer, MLS NEXT Pro is a professional men’s soccer league in the United States and Canada that serves as a pathway for aspiring pro players. Carolina Core FC hopes to create a common ground to unite a diverse community toward long-term economic growth through soccer. 

The Brand:

The Logo is a circular crest that incorporates elements that represent the region’s identity including sunsets, mountains, and the red fox. The choice of colors for the logo also represents the landscapes of the NC Core region. 

  • “We wanted to create a logo that transcends soccer and becomes a timeless symbol for our community,” said Evan Mitz, Chief Operations Officer of Carolina Core FC. “This new brand identity represents the heart and soul of the Carolinas, and we believe it embodies our core values of unity, strength, and tradition.” 
  • Kristen Moore, Marketing and Communications Manager shared her thoughts on the logo’s significance: “By integrating elements of the nature found in the Core, such as the mountains, sunset, and the red fox, our logo celebrates the region’s beauty and diversity. Carolina Core FC is more than a soccer club; it’s a movement that unites the entire region through the game of soccer.”


Carolina Core FC Logo and Brand

What’s Next:

Carolina Core FC’s first game will be in spring 2024 at Truist Point in High Point – a $36 million stadium located at the center of the NC Core. The schedule is set to come out January 24, 2024. Secure your season tickets here. BONUS: Each season seat purchase will include a free game jersey!



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